Hermes Networks SD-WAN

Hermes Networks SD-WAN

Hermes Network 360 Guard is a cutting-edge security solution that integrates multiple advanced technologies to provide a comprehensive shield for modern networks. By combining Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), and Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Hermes Network 360 Guard offers a robust and adaptable defense system against evolving cyber threats.

Key Features

SASE Integration: Hermes Network 360 Guard leverages the principles of SASE to deliver a unified and cloud-native security approach. This enables secure access to network resources from any location while enforcing consistent security policies across the entire network infrastructure.

RMM Capabilities: The Remote Monitoring and Management functionality provides real-time oversight and control over network devices and endpoints. It ensures continuous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and swift response to any potential issues, enhancing overall network performance and security posture.

XDR Enhancement: With Extended Detection and Response capabilities, Hermes Network 360 Guard offers a multi-layered defense mechanism. It amalgamates endpoint protection, detection, investigation, and response into a cohesive system, allowing for comprehensive threat detection and rapid incident response

Hermes Network 360 Guard stands at the forefront of modern networksecurity, offering a comprehensive suite of SASE, RMM, and XDR capabilities. By integrating these technologies, it empowers organizations to fortify their networks against evolving cyber threats while maintaining agility, scalability, and operational efficiency.



Enterprise Networks:

Hermes Network 360 Guard is ideal for securing large-scale enterprise networks with distributed architecture, ensuring seamless connectivity and robust protection across multiple locations.

Remote Workforce Security:

Its SASE features make it an optimal choice for safeguarding remote workforce connections, allowing secure access to corporate resources from any location without compromising security.

Threat Detection and Response:

The XDR capabilities are instrumental in swiftly identifying and mitigating advanced threats, minimizing potential damages and downtime.


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