H3C S6890-30HF Series Data Center Switches

H3C S6890-30HF Series Data Center Switches

The S6890 series is a further evolution of the intelligent switch line designed specifically for cloud data centers. The S6890 Series switches feature industry-leading large buffer capacity to handle ISP traffic spikes, as well as a large address table for use in multi-building networks. Meeting the growing demand for software-defined SDN solutions, the S6890 series switches offer cloud-centric features such as VXLAN, Openflow and EVPN, a wide range of capabilities for data centers, as well as advanced Layer 2/3 functionality for enterprises. H3C’s S6890 Series switches are designed for use in high-density 10GE or 40GE/100GE aggregation access networks in smart data centers, large campus networks, and cloud networks. The series is represented by two models: S6890-30HF and S6890-54HF.

The S6890 series of switches includes the following models:

S6890-30HF – 24 SFP+ 1/10G ports, 6 QSFP28 ports, 2 power supply slots, 4 fan module slots, 2 out-of-band management ports, 1 mini-USB port and 1 USB.

S6890-54HF – 48 SFP+ 1/10G ports, 6 QSFP28 ports, 2 slots for power supplies, 5 slots for fan modules, 2 ports out-of-band management, 1 mini-USB port and 1 USB port.

High density ports access10G/40G/100Gs large volume buffer

The S6890-30HF switch from H3C includes 24 SFP+ 1G/10G ports, 6 QSFP28 100G ports (compatible with QSFP+ 40G), 2 slots for power supplies, 4 slots for fan modules, 2 out-of-band management ports, 1 console port, and 1 USB port.

H3C S6890-54HF switch includes 48 SFP+ 1G/10G ports, 6 ports QSFP28 100G (compatible with QSFP+ 40G), 2 power supply slots, 5 fan module slots, 2 out-of-band management ports, 1 console port and 1 USB port.

The S6890 Series switches feature an industry-leading 4GB buffer capacity to handle ISP traffic peaks.

Technology virtualization IRF2

H3C’s patented IRF2 virtualization technology is designed to deliver a unified communications architecture in the data center. It allows you to virtualize up to four physical S6890 switches into one logical IRF. This technology has the following advantages:

High Availability (HA) – Patented hot standby technology realizes data redundancy and uninterrupted forwarding for the control plane and data plane, which improves availability, performance, continuity of service and eliminates critical elements whose failure leads to failure of the entire system.

Load balancing – the ability to aggregate links on different switches provides load distribution and connection redundancy across multiple backbone interfaces, which increases the degree of network redundancy and channel capacity utilization.

Easy management – management via a single IP address simplifies device and topology management, improves operational efficiency and reduces network maintenance costs.

High scalability hardware table

The S6890 series switches use the latest chipsets to provide High scalability of hardware resource tables at the level of leading devices in the industry. Series switches support:

Up to 750 thousand entries in the MAC address table and 350 thousand entries in the ARP address table

< p style="font-weight: 400;">Up to 2 million RIB and 250 thousand FIB

Up to 20 thousand entries in the control list table accesses shared for incoming and outgoing traffic

Functions for centers processing data


FCOE – Fiber Channel over Ethernet enables the interconnection of heterogeneous FC LANs and storage area networks (SANs) in data centers. FCOE technology, together with CEE (Convergence Enhanced Ethernet), enables the interconnection of data networks, computer networks and storage networks in data centers, significantly reducing the cost of creating and expanding data centers.

VXLAN – Virtual Extensible LAN technology uses a method of encapsulating MAC addresses in UDP frames, in which a VXLAN header is added to the original layer 2 packet, and the resulting one is placed in the UDP packet -IP. By encapsulating MAC addresses within UDP frames, VXLAN technology allows Layer 2 network traffic to be tunneled through a Layer 3 network, providing two major benefits: greater scalability for Layer 2 segmentation and greater utilization of existing paths in the network.

MP-BGP EVPN (Multi-Protocol Edge Routing for Ethernet Virtual Private Networks) uses the standard-based BGP protocol as the control plane for VXLAN overlay networks, providing automatic discovery peers and disseminate end-host reachability information using BGP-based VTEP. MP-BGP EVPN has many advantages, such as eliminating traffic flooding, eliminating the need for a mandatory full mesh network between VTEP peers due to BGP RR support, achieving optimal end-to-end thread-based load balancing and much more.

Full support< /b> functions MPLS/VPLS

H3C’s S6890 series switches support Multi-VRF functionality (multiple instances of virtual routing and forwarding tables), which allows it to be used as MCE equipment with support for MPLS VPN Layer 3 MPLS VPN Layer 2 (Martini and Kompella ). In addition, the switches support OAM functionality for MPLS, simplifying management and maintenance. When used in conjunction with the H3C intelligent Management Center (iMC) network management system, MPLS VPN Manager makes it easy to deploy and maintain MPLS.

Additionally, H3C’s S6890 Series switches support VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service), VLL (Virtual Leased Line) and hierarchical VPLS access methods, providing an end-to-end Layer 2 VPN access solution.

High performance for servicesIPv4/IPv6

B H3C’s S6890 Series switches feature a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack, providing a comprehensive IPv4/IPv6 solution with support for multiple tunnels, IPv4/IPv6 Layer 3 routing protocols, multicast, and policy-based routing. The S6890 series switches are a mature commercial IPv6 product that has been certified for access network applications by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and is also IPv6 Phase 2 certified.

Flexible choice direction airflow< /strong>

To adapt to the cooling flow patterns of data center aisles, H3C’s S6890 Series switches offer directional flexibility airflow, which can be carried out both in the direction from the front panel to the rear, and in the opposite direction. The choice of airflow direction (from front to rear or vice versa) can be done by users by installing appropriate models of fan modules.

Excellent policies provisions security

H3C S6890 series switches support authentication, authorization functions and accounting (AAA), RADIUS authentication, user account authentication, user authentication by IP address, MAC address, VLAN and port, as well as dynamic and static binding; When paired with the H3C iMC network management platform, they provide real-time management, instant diagnostics, and mitigation of unacceptable network behavior.

S6890 Series Switches from H3C support advanced access control list (ACL)-based management capabilities, with the ability to define a large number of ACLs for inbound and outbound traffic, as well as assign ACLs to a specific VLAN. This simplifies customization and saves ACL resources. In addition, the S6890 series switches take full advantage of Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF) technology. When a device receives a packet, it checks the return route to confirm the source address where the packet supposedly came from, and discards the packet if there is no such path. This allows you to cope with the increasingly common source address spoofing attack scheme.

Various means increase reliability

The S6890 series switches implement various protection schemes to improve reliability at both the device and link levels. All models, equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, support redundant, removable power supplies, giving you the flexibility to select AC or DC power supplies based on your actual needs. All switches in the line support fault detection and alarming for power supplies and fan modules, as well as adjusting fan speed based on ambient temperature.

Excellent< /strong> capabilities control



Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 44 × 46 × 4.36 cm
Console port


Ethernet ports for management


USB port


1/10G SFP+ ports


QSFP28 ports


Power supplies


Fan modules


Power consumption (fixed)

One AC power supply DC 117 W One DC power supply. DC 112 W Two AC power supplies DC 122 W Two DC power supplies. current 117 W

Input voltage

AC powered version: Nominal voltage: 100…240 VAC current, 50 or 60 Hz Maximum voltage: 90 .. 264 V AC DC, 47 to 63 Hz, DC version: Nominal voltage: –48 .. –60 V DC. current Maximum voltage: –40 .. –72 V DC current

Working temperature

0°C .. 45°C (32°F .. 113°F)


1 GB/8 GB

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